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This web site is not for visitors but for potential hosting organisations; visitors see this page.

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At the end of 2014 the Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG) developed a concept for a joint Linux event which aims at interested people who do not know Linux yet and especially at the (non-IT) media. This event can be organized with very little effort i.e. by small groups (and very different organisations like LUGs and schools) without budget, too. The first event of this kind was in Berlin in May 2015 at eight locations (each run by another organization).

The second Linux Presentation Day (LPD 2015.2) was in November 2015 but this time not limited to Berlin but in 72 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (more than 1,500 visitors). The LPD 2016.1 was in April 2016 in more than 110 cities in 10 countries.

We are now looking for people in further countries who organize an LPD event, gain experience with this kind of event, get familiar with the whole idea and (at best) organize a nationwide participation later. But currently most countries do not have a central organiser.

participating countries

Country 2020.2 2020.1 2019.2 2019.1 2018.2 2018.1 2017.2 2017.1 2016.2 2016.1 2015.2 2015.1
Germany yes (*) (*) yes yes nationwide nationwide nationwide nationwide nationwide nationwide nationwide yes
Switzerland yes (*) yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
France (*) yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
the Netherlands (*) yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Belgium yes (*) yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
United Kingdom (*) yes yes yes   yes yes yes
Slovakia yes (*) yes yes yes yes yes
Italy Linux Day * (*) Linux Day *  Linux Day *  Linux Day *  yes Linux Day *  nationwide
Poland yes yes yes yes yes
Austria (*) yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Czech Republic yes yes yes
Greece       yes yes yes
Canada       yes
Denmark       yes yes
Portugal       yes
Latvia       yes

(*) Due to Covid-19 pandemic, LPD 2020.1 events are canceled in most countries. Some associations are planning online meetings on 16th May 2020. However, according to their current State regulations, some of them could organize the LPD 2020.1 in the usual way while complying with the health recommendations of their respective countries.

(*) Due du Covid-19 pandemic, in some countries LPD 2020.2 events are replaced by online conferences

For a contact person in countries without a web site see here.

We are looking for sponsors for each country and for the whole project (contact information).


similar events


The aims of the Linux Presentation Day are:


The concept of the Linux Presentation Day for solving these problems is:


This concept allows nearly everyone in the Linux community to participate in a big event: Linux user groups and similar associations (even very small ones; registered or not), companies and even single persons (experienced Linux users) who support an association they were not related to before. It is little work for everyone but by combining the activities in a useful way we achieve a great result.


(Mr.) Hauke Laging, Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG), hauke.laging)

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